My Dream Team: (Left to Right) Jeff Lea, Kevin Nguyen, yours truly, Maki Shimizu, Kilo Munoz

Hi, world!  Wherever I may be, I’ll still have a home here in the internet.  I’d like to devote this as my home address online.  Through this blog, I will be able to show and share the world what I’m up to here in my new but old place:  San Mateo, Isabela, Philippines.

Not long ago, I arrived on a decision to relocate to my original home, the Philippines, after carefully weighing all my options.  For some, what I’ve done is a career suicide not knowing that it’s actually on the contrary–I’ve been reborn.   And though I cannot deny the fact the most rewarding part my life was being a chef for 15 or so years, then to finally run my own culinary company in the last four years before the giant leap, were truly one of the most noteworthy segments of my culinary career.  Many friends and clients were saddened by this recent decision but in reality, it’s just the natural course of events and there’s always a reason why we do what we do.  I have many reasons and at this point, these reasons no longer exist.

Do I miss San Francisco?  Of course, I do.  I miss my dearest friends most of all and my butcher (and Peet’s coffee and real pastries).  But, I’m home now.  My friends will always be my friends and over the horizon, there will a come a time where they’ll visit my new/old home and celebrate this relationship.

It’s back to basics here in Isabela and there’s utterly nothing wrong with it.  I most especially like that fact that I have been reunited with my parents, first and foremost, in our humble country home.  We eat the freshest food, we drink the natural water from underground.  I packed my whole house in San Francisco and a great deal of goodies from Costco in which after some time, I realize how unimportant they are.

Being home, I am reminded what fresh air is like and how to sleep well at night.  I’m reminded of how less of stuff we actually need in order to survive and appreciate whatever we have.

This blog is about my life and I’m happy to share it with you.



One thought on “About

  1. Good move! Finding the simple pleasures of life sometimes takes a lot longer to do. My wife and I (pinay) plan to retire to Negros ‘soon’ where I will continue with my passion for cooking and a new retirement career.

    Good luck over there! But I’m curious and wanting to know how and why you came to this decision! Love, career…lifestyle…what pushed you? Maybe the answer is on your blog somewhere!


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