Auntie Esther

Now that the balmy summer is upon us, one of my favorite ways of cooling down is enjoying a tall glass or two of a fruit slush (fruit shake). Just fresh pulp of fruit (or vegetables sometimes), ice and simple syrup–no dairy!  Thanks to my Vitaprep (really worth it!) and our antiquated power transformer (110V to 220V), I can produce these slush at any time of the day, well, depending if there’s a 10-hour blackout or just a 30-minute.

Because it’s Sunday and Mom’s got her disciples of 9 children, I made lunch for them and a fruit slush.  Dad brought home some papayas the other day–one was finally ripe today.  With a hint of calamansi, it’s a perfect item to square a meal in a hot weather under a tree.

While making this fruit slush, it reminded me of one of my favorite aunties, Aunt Esther.  Back in the days, she would make papaya shake with calamansi, with just the right amount of sweetness.  She’s a very sweet lady, gentle and kind, and I hope that I get to see her someday soon. This is her fruit shake, and I propose a toast to her good health and long life!

Papaya Calamansi Slush


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