Sanggumay Dreams

BBQ Sangummay 022

Intoxicating perfume.  Vivid colors of purple, violet, and mauve.  Orchids of my childhood often made into a corsage or simply left as is adorning the dark bark of  a [tamarind] tree.  But, wait!  It also comes in white!  Like the Duchess of Alba–an albino sanggumay.

sanggumayputi 008


Side by side, they compliment each other.  These are my botanical treasures.  They look best after a night rain and a foggy morning.  Truly jewels in the heart of the rainforest (or my front yard).


Click here for more information about Sanggumay.

“If you take care of a heart properly, with immeasurable patience, it will blossom like Sanggumay.”  (I just made this up).  Ha!

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