Isabela Express

After 67 days since I left my beloved San Francisco, I’m beginning to make sense of my reality here in the province I grew up in: Isabela, Philippines.  Armed with tools of my everyday conveniences in the States that I’ve brought with me, I wish to document moments, things and traditions I’ve taken for granted when I was young and stupid growing up in this bucolic, agrarian countryside.  As I hang my apron temporarily, giving my “chef” title a break, to smell the roses (or ilang-ilang in this case), I wish to share the world that happiness comes from the smallest and simplest things.  I look forward to my everyday adventures whether it is around my yard or out and about other provinces and big cities.

Welcome to Isabela Express and come explore with me!


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2 thoughts on “Isabela Express

  1. Maria Banatao says:

    Love this Coy! All your prior FB pictures and inputs should be in this blog, too!


  2. Kenn says:

    A big sacrifice for you Kuya Cocoy, I want to and support and thank you for sharing the beauty and richness of our culture worldwide. Goodluck and if there is anything that I could help I am glad to do so. Mabuhay ka. Your kabaranggay and a Freemason.
    kenn Mariano DVM


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